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  • October 03, 2009 5:45 PM | Anonymous
    This is a great opportunity for any racer needing to purchase new equipment.  Manufacturer representatives from most of the racing equipment companies will be on hand to explain their equipment and answer questions.  Racers can purchase equipment directly from the companies at the racer price, 50% of retail price.  MHRT and MHA coaches will also be available to help answer questions and give recommendations.
  • September 15, 2009 8:52 PM | Anonymous

    Hi Mt. Hood Race Team families,


    Welcome back to another exciting year of ski racing.  The kids are back in school, the nights are colder on the mountain, and winter is approaching.  It’s time to start planning for the ski seasonProgram information will be arriving soon in the mail, and will also be available on-line.  Be sure to keep checking the web site, for current information.  In the meantime, here are some reminders and dates of upcoming events.


    Fusion Pass


    The Fusion Pass provides unlimited winter skiing at both Timberline and Mt. Hood Skibowl, and is good from October 2nd through Memorial Day.  Passes can be purchased on the weekends at any REI store, at the Ski Fever and Snowboard Show (November 6th to 8th), at the Skibowl East lodge, or on-line at  Remember, the pass price goes up after October 31st.


    Team Dryland


    MHRT dryland begins this Sunday, September 20th, at Mt. Hood Community College.  All J4 and J5 racers are encouraged to attend.  This is a great time to meet up with teammates for some fun activity and get ready for the race season.  We will meet at 11:00am at the MHCC football stadium.  Be sure to bring running shoes and a water bottle, and watch the weather - you may need sweats or a rain parka.  Dryland will continue on Sunday’s through October 18th.  Sessions usually last about 90 minutes.


    Racer Equipment


    Our first equipment night is scheduled for Thursday, October 1st, at Hillcrest Ski and Sport in Gresham, beginning at 5:00pm.  This first night is primarily a boot fit and modification night.  If you are in the market for new boots, or just need to have your current boots checked, please swing by Hillcrest on the 1st.  The coaches will be there to assist you.

    Important note: Ski boots are the most important piece of equipment for a young skier.  A proper fitting boot with the proper flex is essential for developing sound skiing skills and future success.  If you are uncertain about your racer’s boot, please attend the boot fit night.


    The second equipment night is Thursday, October 8th, also at Hillcrest.  Representatives from most of the equipment companies will be on hand to discuss equipment needs with you.  Equipment can be purchased or ordered directly from the reps at the racer price.  MHRT coaches will also be available to answer questions and help with decisions.


    Fall Team Meeting and Equipment Swap


    Our fall team meeting is currently scheduled for Sunday, October 18th.  Please mark your calendar.  We will discuss program information and race-day schedules, and meet with the coaches.  This is also a great time to bring good used equipment to sell or trade to other team members.  More information and details will follow soon.


    Dates for your calendar

    Sept 20            Dryland begins – Mt. Hood Community College

    Oct 1               Boot fit night – Hillcrest in Gresham

    Oct 8               Equipment night – Hillcrest

    Oct 18             Fall team meeting, potluck and equipment swap

    Nov 6 – 8        Ski Fever and Snowboard Show

    Nov 27 – 29    J4/J5 training camp

    Dec 5              1st regular season weekend of training

    Hope to see you at dryland or an upcoming event.  Enjoy the fall weather.



  • August 31, 2009 7:16 PM | Anonymous

    There will be two fall/early winter camps at Panorama, BC. Panorama is just outside of Invemere BC and is an excellent venue for early season training. Lodging is right at the hill and lift access is a high speed Quad. Accommodations are condos with full kitchens and are quite comfortable.


    The first camp open to J3 athletes and older will be Nov 22 thru 28. The 22nd will be a travel day and we will ski the next 6 days returning late on the 28th. We will have a GS/SL focus with some free skiing on SG skis. The cost will be about $800 - $1000 based on numbers. This does not include food or fuel costs.


    Actual fuel costs will be divided up between all the athletes and bills will be sent out upon our return! Your athletes will be on their own for meals. There is a great grocery store in Invemere and also a few eating establishments at Panorama. We will do some sort of a team Thanksgiving dinner so no one feels homesick :) Hopefully the kids will "team up" and share dinner duties. They will be supervised as best we can to be sure they eat well and drink plenty of water.


    The second camp for FIS age athletes will be Dec 6-10. The 6th will be a travel day and we will ski the next 4 days. This camp have a tech and speed focus. The cost will be about $600 - $750. This does not include food or fuel. (If there is interest we could go a day or two earlier)


    Exact camp costs will be determined when I have a better idea of numbers attending. I have trained at Panorama the last 8 pre-seasons and it has almost always been the best training we have had all season! The snow is man made, hard, and the terrain is excellent for early season development! During this time frame Pano is only open for race training so we have access to great venues. Often we train side by side or even with world cup level athletes. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding these camps.


    It would be great to get an idea of the interest level sooner than later so please let me know your thoughts!


    Please remember it is easiest to travel in and out of Canada with a valid passport. Check your athlete's passport out to be sure they are good to go.


    We will also be doing some work in Oct. and early Nov. weather permitting, up at T-Line. Dates and details will be forthcoming in the next week.


    The regional physical assessment test will most likely be at the end of September on Sunday the 27th. Firm dates will be out soon. Hopefully all of you are diligently, working out or are involved in a fall sport with school. Fitness is a huge part of what we do and now is a critical time to be working on it! Let me know if you need help developing a training plan or need some help in the gym. I will be happy to do what I can.


    I understand in the past there has been team dryland every other weekend (Sun) thru the fall. Is there any interest to make it a weekly event? Let me know and I will put a schedule together!  The first dryland would be on Sept. 13th.


    Tentative race schedules for the FIS athletes will be coming out soon as well.


    I am very excited to be part of this group and am looking forward to getting to know you all and skiing with every one soon!


    Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have questions or concerns and I will do my best to help you out!


    Thanks and all the best,


    Roger Taggart




  • August 17, 2009 9:42 PM | Anonymous


    The Subaru 500 Deal

     Support Ski Racing on Mt. Hood

    & Get a Great New Car

    If you’re looking for better gas mileage, check this out…

    Go to Gresham Subaru in August, September, or October…

    (Just ¼ mile SW of the intersection of Powell & Burnside in Gresham)

    Ask for a Sales Manager

    Tell him or her that you‘re a ski racing family interested in the Subaru 500 Deal.

    If you buy a new Subaru of any kind…

    The dealership will donate $350 to ski racing on Mt. Hood!

    (And you can earmark your donation to the (1) Mt. Hood Mitey Mite Council, which supports all Mitey Mite racing on Mt. Hood or (2) the Hood Elite Alpine Team, HEAT, supporting Junior racers across Mt. Hood.

    And for you…

    Gresham Subaru will give you $150 credit for service & parts at their shop.

    You’ll also receive Tires for Life*

    When you need tires, get them free at Gresham Subaru for the life of your vehicle.

    (*The sales manager will give you details.)

    And if you don’t buy a car…

    You still get 2 Alpine Slide Tickets* just for taking a test drive!

    (*While supplies last.)

    That’s a $500 package, plus

    Alpine Slide tickets & Tires For Life

    & you get a great- gas- mileage, proven-in-snow vehicle!

  • July 07, 2009 11:05 PM | Anonymous

    The Mt. Hood HEAT brings together alpine athletes from Mt. Hood and other PNSA clubs who are competing at the F.I.S. level of alpine competition and who desire a full-time training program, tailored academic assistance, year-around racer management and conditioning, and access to the best equipment and technology applicable to F.I.S. ski racing. HEAT delivers it all!

    In order to provide the best possible service and support to local elite competitors, HEAT will utilize the many natural resources that Mt. Hood offers: winter training at Mt. Hood Skibowl and Mt. Hood Meadows, early season and speed training at Timberline, and summer training on the Palmer Snowfield. HEAT will operate out of Government Camp providing the closest access to training venues 12 months of the year.

    HEAT will also pool together the area's top people: the best coaches for this athletic level, the most experienced administration and racer management, the most experienced academic professionals who understand the needs of alpine athletes, and area experts in equipment and technology.

    See the HEAT web site for details

  • April 27, 2009 11:25 PM | Anonymous

    To register by mail use the MHA summer camp registration form or the MHRT summer camp registration form. To register on line go to Ski Camps.

    Both the MHSEF Release and the Timberline Indemnification Release must be mailed in whether you register on line or by mail.

    Camp descriptions, what to bring, schedules, and registration information follow.

    MHA Speed Camp – June 10th to June 14th, 2009

    What:              Basic speed training with terrain and jumps

    When:              Arrival on Wednesday, June 10th
    Departure after skiing on Sunday, June 14th

    Where:             Mt. Hood Academy and Palmer Snowfield

    Who:                All first-year J3 athletes (born 1996) and older

    Cost:                $665.00


    MHA Technical Camp – June 15th to June 24th, 2009


    What:              GS and Slalom fundamentals training camp

    When:              Arrival on Monday, June 15th

                            Departure after skiing on Wednesday, June 24th

    Where:             Mt. Hood Academy and Palmer Snowfield

    Who:                All first-year J3 athletes (born 1996) and older

    Cost:                $1,445.00


     MHRT Technical CampJune 26th to June 30th, 2009


    What:               GS and SL fundamentals training camp

    When:              Arrival on Friday, June 26th

                            Departure after skiing on Tuesday, June 30th

    Where:             Mt. Hood Academy and Palmer Snowfield

    Who:                All 2nd-year J5 and J4 athletes (born 1999) and older

    Cost:                $650.00

    Mt. Hood Race Team Day Camp – July 16th to July 19th, 2009


    What:             SL and GS fundamentals training camp (SL the 1st day)

    When:              Thursday, July 16th through Sunday, July 19th

    Where:             Palmer Snowfield

    Who:                All J4 and J5 athletes (born 2000) or older

    Cost:                $420.00


    This is a day camp. Racers will meet the coaches at the flagpole in front of Timberline's WyEast Day Lodge by 7:00am each morning.  Bring the proper ski equipment, proper clothing, sun protection, sunglasses and dark-lens goggles, a sack lunch and a water bottle.  The camp will review video each day after training either at Timberline or the Academy House.  Racers will be ready to depart for home around 12:30pm.  Be prepared for SL training the first day of camp.


    MHA Gate Camp – August 10th to August 15th, 2009


    What:              SL and GS gate training

    When:              Arrival on Monday, August 10th

                            Departure after skiing on Saturday, August 15th

    Where:             M. Hood Academy and Palmer Snowfield

    Who:                All J3 and older athletes (born 1996) and older

    Cost:                estimated $800.00


    Emphasis on Slalom and GS gate training for racers with prior summer training.  This camp will also be used for any final equipment testing and physical fitness assessment heading into the fall.  A final camp schedule will sent out after the June camps.



    MHA/MHRT Camps - Emphasis and Activities:

        Training to improve skiing and racing through specific individual skill development.

        Ability levels ranging from novice racing experience to top FIS level competitors.

        Comprehensive technical and tactical progressions for Slalom, Giant Slalom.

        Small athlete to coach ratios of 6:1 to ensure individualized attention and enhance learning.

        Clinics on dryland techniques, sport motivation, equipment preparation and more.

         Activities including swimming, biking, hiking, soccer and field sports, tennis, volleyball, in-line skating, camp barbecues and more.


    What to Bring:

         All ski clothing and equipment for Giant Slalom and Slalom, including GS helmets and suits.  Be prepared for all weather conditions!

         Sunscreen, sunglasses, and dark lens goggles  (Goggles are required for gate training.)

         Daypack and water bottle to take on ski hill

         Ski tuning equipment

         Casual summer clothes, sweats and workout clothes, swimsuit and running shoes

         Sleeping bag, pillow and bathroom kit

         In-line skates, skateboards and mountain bikes are optional.  Be sure to bring a bike lock

         Spending money for snacks, souvenirs, and rentals


    Normal Daily Schedule:

    6:00am       Wake up, light jog and stretch

    6:15am       Breakfast

    6:30am          Depart for Timberline

    7:00am        Ski training

    12:30pm        Lunch

    1:30pm        Free-time, rest, ski tuning, etc.

    3:30pm          Activity, dryland

    6:00pm          Dinner

    7:00pm          Video, discussions, lectures

    10:00pm        Lights out


    Camp Check-In and Lodging:

    All camp participants need to arrive at the Academy House between 3:00 and 5:00pm on the first day of the camp. To find the Mt. Hood Academy House turn north at the Government Camp Post Office.  Go 1 block, crossing a small creek, and turn immediately left.  You're there!  The first camp dinner and orientation meeting will be at 6:00pm.  Racers will checkout after 1:00pm on the last day of the camp.


    Camp Costs and Attendance:

    The total camp cost includes coaching, lodging and meals, lift tickets, hill expenses, transportation to Timberline, T-shirt and activities.  If racers do not need tickets, meals or lodging these expenses can be deducted from the camp cost.  At this time we expect the camps to be full.  Racers who can not attend the full camp will be put on a waiting list.


    Registration and Deposit Deadline:

    June camp participation is limited to 30 athletes.  Please register early to reserve space.  Registration form, medical release and indemnification form are required from all participants.  Please return all forms with your camp deposit by the May 18th MHA deadline, or the June 1st MHRT deadline.


    On-line registration and payment are available at Ski Camps  The MHSEF Release and the Timberline Indemnification Release are still required.  Please mail these forms to:


    MHSEF Summer Camp
    P.O. Box 189
    Government Camp  OR  97028.  



    Call 503/272-3503 or email Bill Gunesch for more info.


  • April 09, 2009 12:33 PM | Anonymous

    It is time to order our MHRT uniforms for next year.  The style that we currently have has been discontinued so we have a little change.  We will have the same coloring as the prior coats and our pants will be all black.  The insulator will be red as it has been in the past.  I have included the order form with this email and it is also available on the web site.

    2009 MHRT uniform order form.xls

    To find out about sizing and to see the style of the coat you can visit the spyder progear site at

    We have a quick turnaround to meet the first deadline of April 20th, so please get your order back to no later then the 19th so I can prepared the order and turn it in on time.  Please fill out the order form and email to me.  Make sure to include you name on the order form.

    Because we have to switch to a different style of coat there is a MINIMUM order of 10 coats on our first order, so if you are interested please order during the initial round.

    If you have any question please call me at 503-663-2895 or email michele. 

  • April 01, 2009 10:26 PM | Anonymous

    Stevens Pass, WA


    (March 29, 2009)  The Pacific Northwest Ski Association (PNSA) wrapped up the season for J3 competitors this weekend at Stevens Pass, WA.  The J3 Finale was the final 3-day weekend of racing for PNSA's J3 athletes (ages 13 & 14), and Mt. Hood Academy's racers continued to surpass the other teams in the Northwest.


    At the Finale, the Academy boys were impressive, with Austin Dean (1st in Super-G, 2nd in Giant Slalom and 2nd in Slalom), Stephan Splitstoser (2nd in Super-G, 8th in Giant Slalom and 4th in Slalom), Andrew Burton (7th in Slalom), and Marc Lodmell (12 in Slalom).


    MHA girls were just as impressive in the top 15.  In Friday's Super-G race Ali Gunesch finished 2nd, Haley Hanseler finished 3rd, and Kendra Ash finished 11th.  And in the Giant Slalom and Slalom races Haley and Ali continued to score points among the top 15 (1st and 7th for Haley, and 3rd and 4th for Ali).


    When PNSA's J3 chairman, Tom Pulver, announced the overall athlete and team standings for the entire season, Mt. Hood Academy finished on top!  And the whole team climbed to the top of the podium!  MHA athletes Erin Murphy, Izzie Raitt, Eloise Loen, Nick Lanker and Davis Keeney joined Ali, Haley, Kendra, Austin, Stephan, Andrew and Marc for the team title.  Here are PNSA's J3 winners for the 2009 competition season from Mt. Hood Academy:


    1st Place – Men           Austin Dean

    3rd Place – Women      Ali Gunesch

    4th Place – Women      Haley Hanseler

    5th Place – Men           Stephan Splitstoser


    1st Place – Men's Team                        MHA

    1st Place – Women's Team                   MHA

    1st Place – Overall PNSA J3 Team      MHA


    These honors came just one week after the Western Region J3 Olympics in McCall, ID., where Ali, Haley, Austin, Andrew and Stephan all earned top 15 results.


    MHA - Best in the West

  • March 25, 2009 10:26 PM | Anonymous

    Congratulations to MHA athletes Andrew Burton, Stephan Splitstoser, Austin Dean, Haley Hanseler, Ali Gunesch, and MHRT racer Luke Winters for their outstanding performances at the Western Region J3 Olympics and J4 Festival.  MHA and MHRT athletes earned the top results for the Pacific Northwest (PNSA).  Special congratulations go to Austin for his two podium finishes - 2nd in Super-G and 3rd in Slalom!

  • March 18, 2009 9:06 PM | Anonymous

    Mt. Spokane, Washington
    The 14-member squad from Mt. Hood Race Team braved harsh weather and difficult snow conditions on Sunday to win the 2009 Pacific Northwest Ski Association’s Buddy Werner Championship trophy, bringing it back to Mt. Hood and Mt. Hood Skibowl.  Blowing snow, hail, and poor visibility due to thick fog, presented the 270+ young ski racers from throughout the Northwest with challenging racing conditions, but at the end of the two-day competition, Mt. Hood Race Team’s young competitors earned the spot at the top of the podium.

    “Our kids proved to be the toughest in the Northwest as they hung tough in some very brutal and stormy weather on Sunday”, said Ryan ‘Barney’ Barnes, head coach of Mt. Hood Race Team.  Going into the 2nd day of racing Mt. Hood Race Team was ranked 4th overall.  “Some of our competition broke down in the difficult conditions”, said Barney.  “Mt. Hood Race Team kids scored their best results in the worst conditions.”
    On Saturday, the first day of competition, all seven Mt. Hood Race Team girls successfully completed the 2-run Slalom race, and all seven Mt. Hood Race Team boys successfully completed the 2-run Giant Slalom race.  On Sunday, only one girl and one boy from the team did not finish their Giant Slalom and Slalom races, respectively.  “This was truly a team effort,” said an emotional Bill Gunesch, Program Director of the race team.  “Every kid contributed to the victory, with his or her effort.  This championship win is very special.”

    Individual honors go to Luke Winters, age 11, from Gresham, Oregon.  Luke finished 2nd in the Giant Slalom, and 3rd in the Slalom – winning the Men’s Overall Champion trophy.  This victory qualified him to compete next week at the USSA Western Region Junior Olympics in McCall, Idaho, where he will compete against the top 11 and 12 year old racers from the Western United States.

    Joining Luke on the 2009 Buddy Werner Championship Team were 13 young ski racers from Mt. Hood.  Grant Hamlin, Kevan Gahan, Jack Knutson, Isaac Grebisz, Nate Gunesch, and Luke’s brother Cody Winters joined him on the boy’s team.  Shannen Burton, Ashley Lodmell, Orianna Galasso, Kayla Lanker, Meera Champawat, Madison Lawhead and Katherine Dean represented the girls.

    The Buddy Werner Championships is the Pacific Northwest’s premier event for young ski racers ages nine to twelve.  This year 23 teams competed, representing ski areas and ski clubs from Oregon, Washington and northern Idaho. 
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