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  • March 16, 2010 9:48 PM | Anonymous
    Mike Juliana took great pictures at several of the 2010 Mitey Mite races and has them for sale at his web site Check it out.
  • March 09, 2010 3:35 PM | Anonymous

    We are very excited about the coming weekend and the Buddy Werner Championships.  Families from all over the Northwest will be coming to Government Camp and Mt. Hood Skibowl as guests of MHSEF and CSRT.  I am very proud of our two teams and all the effort that has gone into preparing for this very special event.  It is going to be a wonderful and exciting weekend.

    Please review these two volunteer lists BWC Volunteer Assignments - On Hill and BWC Volunteer Assignments - Off Hill.  Thanks so much to all of you!  Most of you have volunteered for multiple jobs and I am very grateful for your enthusiastic participation.  Please look over the lists, if you have any questions please get in touch with me.

    There are still a few jobs that need filling. J   (And no, they are not all gatekeeping jobs.)  If you have not already volunteered, please do so!  This will be a great weekend and the proceeds from it benefit our entire team.  Come be a part of this special event!

    Thank You,

    Karen Dean
    email Karen Dean

  • March 02, 2010 9:41 PM | Anonymous

    Mt. Hood Race Team’s

    2010 Buddy Werner Championship Team

    Sunday’s Slalom competition at the Meadows Challenge ended the selection races for this year’s Buddy Werner team.  After five qualifying races this season, the results are in and MHRT has named its Buddy team for 2010.

    Congratulations to the following 14 young women and men whose results have qualified them for MHRT’s Buddy Werner Championship Team:

    Girls Team – Shannen Burton, Katherine Dean, Teagan Estell, Graeson Fish, Oriana Galasso, Kayla Lanker and Ashley Lodmell

    Boys Team – Sam Flecker, Isaac Grebisz, Nathan Gunesch, Hunter Kern, Luke Musgrave, Cody Winters and Luke Winters.

    Good Luck at Buddys!

  • February 10, 2010 11:22 PM | Anonymous

    All volunteers this weekend will be treated with a warm heart (and chocolate) in celebration of Valentines Day.



    It’s that time of year again. The time of year when I send emails weekly begging people to help us out on the weekend. Back to back race weekends are tough and tiring on us all. But those that do step up and put forth the extra effort do make a difference for our team and for all of those organizing our events each year.

    Thanks to all those parents who made the 4-way a huge success, and especially those with Junior athletes who helped all weekend. No one thought it would be possible to hold all four events at SkiBowl a couple of weeks ago, but we showed them that MHSEF can pull together and overcome anything to put on a high quality race! It’s what we are known for throughout PNSA.

    This weekend we have a special challenge. We are hosting a 3-day FIS level race for the top Junior athletes in PNSA (J1 and J2 class) The first two days will be similar to last weekend – SL on Mt. Hood Lane – Just a little faster. Faster racers and smaller field sizes that is. The third day, Monday the 15th will be a GS at Meadows. We have accepted Meadow’s gracious invitation to run GS on the same venue being used for the J3 Qualifier Super-G on Saturday and Sunday. This will save us tons and tons of work since everyone is working together this week to setup B-net and get the venue ready.

    So here is your chance to volunteer on Monday at Meadows. Get a free ticket voucher for the next weekend at the Meadows Challenge. Help out your team and watch some of the best ski racers in PNSA! We need everyone we can muster!

    Please click the link below and RSVP for this weekend. If you can only work one of the three days that’s great, just please let me know. If you already told me which day(s) you can work, please fill out the form anyway so I don’t miss anything.

     If we can pull enough from all of our team we can avoid paying for help, which just takes money right out of our budget that could be better spent on equipment, coaches, and other things directly impacting the quality of our athletes experience.

    Thanks as always for your generous donations of time. It really makes my life better when lots of people jump at the chance to help.



    See you on the hill!
    Course crew please arrive by 7:30
  • December 29, 2009 11:10 PM | Anonymous
    The recently formed Mt. Hood Elite Alpine Team (HEAT), with the goal of
    providing aspiring ski racers with the foundation, support, and tools to
    reach their full potential in the sport of competitive alpine ski racing at
    the FIS level, recently returned from a four day international competition
    in Panorama BC, Canada. The HEAT Girls competed against top racers form
    Canada, USA, plus a few competitors from around Europe.  HEAT girls did very
    well at this race, with a field size of over 100 for the four day event, and
    3 of the four HEAT competitors entering their first FIS level event. Ali
    Gunesch lead her team with four solid finishes in the 30's and 40's, with
    her best a 33rd in GS. Ali, Mackenzie Burns, and Kendra Ash all finished all
    four races, Haley Hanseler finished with three solid performances. Haley's
    bets finish was a 42 in Slalom and a 43 in GS. All the girls had
    improvements in their FIS points as a result of this series and look forward
    to the next FIS races at Schweitzer on January 3-5.

    Hood Elite Alpine Team is a cooperative program of ski racing clubs at Mt.
    Hood. HEAT operates as a DBA of MHSEF an Oregon 501c 3 non-profit
  • December 24, 2009 10:29 PM | Anonymous

    snowman13.gif   MHSEF Holiday Newsletter


    Hello Ski Racing Families,

    (If you are getting this a second time our apologies, the server had a hiccup and we couldn't tell who got it and who didn't)

    Snow began falling late Monday and now six to eight inches of new snow cover the ground in Govy and at the base of Skibowl.  Mother Nature dropped a fresh blanket over the mountain just in time for the holidays!  The team is currently taking a break from training.  Here is information about upcoming team activities and events.



    Holiday Training Camps


    Mt. Hood Race Team Mitey Mites begin holiday training on Sunday, December 27th.  All groups will start camp with Slalom practice.  Plan on training at Mt. Hood Skibowl; meeting the coaches by 9:00am each morning outside the Multorpor Lodge.  MHRT J4/J5 racers will train four days, finishing on Wednesday the 30th.  MHRT J6 racers will train three days, skiing through Tuesday the 29th.


    Mt. Hood Academy and HEAT athletes will begin holiday training on Sunday, December 27th.  Both groups will start camp training Slalom.  The juniors will ski for five days, through Thursday the 31st.  Throughout the holiday period all junior training will begin at 9:00am.  Camp will begin at Multorpor, but may move to Timberline if conditions require.


    MHRT Learn to Race Camp begins on Monday, December 28th, and continues for three days through December 30th.  Training begins each morning at 9:30am.  Meet the coaches at the Multorpor Lodge by 9:15am for a brief orientation meeting each morning.



    MHSEF Team Race


    Our annual Team Race is Thursday, December 31st, scheduled for Mt. Hood Lane at Multorpor.  The event is a fun, easy Giant Slalom for all team athletes, from J6 to J1!  Racers will be grouped in teams of 5 to 6 racers from all age groups.  Older racers are team captains and will lead their team with inspection.  Registration will begin in the Multorpor Lodge at 8:30am.  Inspection will begin around 9:15am with the competition beginning at 10:00am.  The race and ceremonies should wrap up by mid-day.



    Team Holiday Dinner


    This year's Team Holiday Dinner is scheduled for Monday, December 28th.  The team dinner is always a festive occasion for athletes, parents and coaches to mingle and share time together off the slopes, and the food is great!  The event will begin at 5:00pm at the Multorpor Lodge Restaurant (upper floor).


    Peggy O'Leary has again organized the holiday dinner for our team.  Thanks Peggy!  Please RSVP to Peggy by Wednesday, the 23rd, so she can give Dasha a count.  The adult's buffet is $17.00 and the kid's menu is $7.50.  Please be prepared to pay Peggy upon arrival, and please, no credit cards.



    MHRT Parent Clinic


    All parents are invited to participate in a skiing clinic on the first morning of the Holiday Camp, Sunday the 27th.  Parents will be exposed to some of the basic skills and skiing that the coaches work on with our racers.  The clinic's goal is to help broaden parent's understanding of the sport, and maybe provide a few skiing pointer, too!  If you are interested, please join Bill at 9:30am outside the Multorpor Lodge.



    MHRT Annual Parent Meeting


    Our annual meeting for Mitey Mite parents is scheduled for Saturday, January 2nd.  We will meet at 2:30pm on the upper floor of the Multorpor Lodge.  This is a great time to ask questions and for new racing families to learn from our experienced families.  Coaches will present information about the season, including races and events on our schedule.



    Mitey Mite Racing


    This year's first Mt. Hood Mitey Mite race, the Kid's Kandahar Kombi, will be held at Mt. Hood Meadows on Sunday, January 10th.  As with all local mountain competitions, our racers are encouraged to compete, however attendance is not required.  Although remember, MHRT will generally not have organized practice on race days, as all coaches will be helping our young athletes at the race.


    The Kandahar is hosted by the MAC Ski Team.  Registration is free, and is available on-line at  You can also find a registration link and other race info on our team website's race Calendar link at  The race announcement is attached.  Kandahar Race.pdf


    The race entry deadline is Monday, January 4th.  If you have any questions be sure to inquire with our coaches during the holiday camp.



    Junior Racing


    Most of our Junior racers have already started racing this season.  A group of J3's and J2's just competed in GS races at Mt. Bachelor, while some of the J2 girls went to Canada for early F.I.S. races.  Bachelor was challenging with soft snow and poor visibility, but our racers did well.  We had many top 15 finishes from the experienced racers; and there were many top 3o finishes from the new J3's, starting at the back of the pack!  In Canada, our new F.I.S. racers got some really good move-ups, from start positions around 100 to finishes in the 30's. 


    Next up for our J3 racers is the Winterstart Slalom at Mt. Hood Meadows, January 2nd and 3rd.  The early race entry deadline is Wednesday, December 23rd.  If you have not yet entered please send an email note to Tracy Lisac, race administrator, at or get your entry in the mail by Wednesday (tomorrow).  If you e-mail, be sure to also mail the entry and the entry fee.  Race information is attached and can be found on our team website under the Calendar link.  WinterstartRaceInfo.pdf



    Information from USSA


    The United States Ski Association, under charter with the U.S. Olympic Committee, is responsible for athlete development in our sport.  USSA is continuously reviewing its philosophy toward athlete development, and whenever appropriate, providing educational materials to coaches, parents and athletes.  Attached is a recent "best practices" paper from USSA, and a chart reflecting USSA's training philosophy for young athletes. 

    USSA Best Practices.pdf

    USSA Training System.pdf



    Finally, Mt. Hood has not yet seen the abundance of snow we enjoyed the past few years.  Please, everyone make sure that a lot more snow-fall is included in your New Year wishes!


    Happy Holidays!





  • December 19, 2009 6:27 PM | Anonymous

    It’s time for our fourth annual Holiday Camp Dinner at Multorpor Lodge Restaurant (and bar).

    Time:  Monday, December 28th, 5:00 p.m.

    Food:  A hearty grown-up buffet for the adults (Czech fare) with seating inside the restaurant and kid-friendly food for racers outside the restaurant in the main lodge area.  Depending on numbers, the kids can sit up in the balcony section or the main lodge area.

    Cost:  $17.00 for adults
    $7.50 for kid meal (choice of hamburger, chicken or pizza meal with drink)

    Payment in Advance:  Please bring your check book and pay me BEFORE the dinner.

    RSVP:  In order for the restaurant to plan, you MUST let me know whether you plan to attend by lunch time, this Wednesday, December 23rd.  I will need to know how many adult buffets and how many kid meals your family requires.  Sorry for the short notice.

    There will be name tags, so be prepared to wear one and meet some new friends.

    Safe driving and hope to hear from many, many of you soon,


    email Peggy

    503-292-2278 (Portland)

    502-272-3688 (Government Camp)

  • November 13, 2009 11:10 PM | Anonymous

    Snow continues to fall on Mt. Hood, Timberline is open for skiing, MHA students have moved into the Academy house, and the winter training season has begun!  Conditions in Canada look great for the Apex and Panorama camps!  We are on schedule for the start of another exciting season.  The next several weeks look like great opportunities for our athletes.

    JR Training changed to Skibowl

    All J1/J2/J3 athletes will be training and skiing at Skibowl this weekend!  Meet the coaches at the Multorpor Lodge (Eastside) by 9:00am.  Today’s storm is predicted to clear out by tonight and the temps should stay in the 20s, so Saturday should be great skiing.  Coverage on the main runs is good.  Bring old skis if you have them; otherwise, be sure to stay on the main runs.

    Families still needing to pick up Fusion Passes will need to stop at the Westside ticket office.  The Eastside ticket window in the parking lot will be open for daily tickets and Elite pass tickets.

    The coaches hope to see all of you on the slopes this weekend, taking advantage of this great early season training!

    Weekend training; Nov 21 & 22:

    On Saturday the 21st MHA JRs will again ski with coaches.  However, no JR coaches will be available on Sunday the 22nd, as they will be headed to the Canada camps.  All MHA athletes who are not training in Canada are encouraged to still ski on Sunday.  The more miles of skiing you have, the better prepared you will be for the race season.

    Thanksgiving training; Nov 27 – 29:

    All MHA JRs home for Thanksgiving will have training on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  If Skibowl has opened we will meet at the Multorpor Lodge, otherwise training will still be at Timberline.  Regardless of location, training will begin at 9:00am through November.  Look for another update prior to Thanksgiving.

    Weekly updates and team news;

    Remember, your regular source for weekly training updates will be the team website.  Information on the website will be updated each week by Thursday.  Also, you can call the racer message phone after 6:00pm the prior evening to hear any last minute changes.

    Information regarding special projects, camps and racing will be sent via email.  Please make sure your email information on the team website is up-to-date.

    That’s all for now.  Athletes training in Canada this month need to get on snow prior to the camps.  The coaches hope to see you at Timberline.

    Racer message phone: 503-272-0109

  • October 17, 2009 11:25 PM | Anonymous
    The team potluck on Sunday October 18 has been moved to the Cascade Club in Government camp map. 3-5 PM equipment swap, season passes, team meeting, 5PM Potluck and meet with the coaches. Families with last names beginning A-F please bring a salad/dessert to serve eight. Families with last names beginning G-Z please bring a main dish to serve eight.
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