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  • January 20, 2012 9:12 PM | Anonymous
    MHSEF Families,

    We are nearly completed with most of the confirmations for this seasons corporate sponsors.  They have really stepped up in helping the program in a variety of ways.  We want to make sure to acknowledge them.  For some, most of us are probably not regular consumers of their products and services, but sending them an email or giving a big thanks to the parent who arranged it would be much appreciated.  And you never know maybe you are at a dinner party and someone is looking for a commercial contractor, metal recycler, new website, annual heating oil,  or an orthopedic, refer one of our sponsors.  For others, they are catering to the public, so try to frequent them and let them know how you heard about them.  A list of the current sponsors is below:

    2011/12 MHSEF Program Sponsors

    Washman Carwash (locations):  Title Sponsor for the 4 Way and program sponsor.   Go get your car washed at Washman, it's probably dirty from running up and down the mountain.  I think they have one in Sandy that can wash cars with car top boxes.

    SkiBowl/Collins Lake:  If you are looking for a weekend place to stay or have guests refer them to Collins Lake

    Ratskeller (Menu):  Great Pizza and a really large TV. Family friendly.

    Bremik: Commercial construction.  Check out their website (, beautiful projects.  Bremik offers year round support to the program and will be leading the construction of the new Race Shack.  For more information contact Mike Greenslade.

    Rebound Orthopedic:  Program Sponsor.  They have been a great sponsor for several years and have treated many in our community.  Let them know you are with the ski program.  For more information contact Doug Musgrave.

    Albina Fuel:  Program sponsor.  Check out their prices for home heating fuel .  For more information contact Curtis Schuck

    Farwest Steel: Program Sponsor.  Leading processor of Carbon Steel Products.  For more information contact Curtis Schuck

    USI:  Program Sponsor.  Provide insurance and financial service products for business.   For more information contact Shelly Green.

    Metro Metals: Program Sponsor.  Metro Metals Northwest, Inc. is one of the largest, most environmentally efficient scrap facilities in the country.  For more information contact Curtis.

    Other key sponsors:

    Fish Marketing:  Doug and his team have helped out with logos, marketing and the ski-a-thon.  If your company needs help with branding and marketing contact Doug Fish.  Also we want to see the personal brand he donated to the Ski-A-Thon.

    Ottos Cross Country:  Ottos made some very good donations for the 4 Way.  It's been a tough winter for XC, so if you are looking for 4Way rentals go there.  Located in Sandy on the way up to the mountain.

    Valians:  Bud and Betsy said MHSEF is the best team on the mountain.  If you need new gloves or a tune, go to Valians.

    Huckelberry:  Provided some great gifts for the Ski-a-Thon.  When you get your next maple bar or breakfast give Ed and his crew a thanks.

    Hillcrest:  They are an ongoing great resource for the program and provided some gift certificates for the ski-a-thon

    Ahh..... most importantly our kids #1 sponsor, Parents, Inc..  I think we all get acknowledgement each year we see them grow and develop as athletes and good citizens......and hopefully a thanks here and there.

    We are always looking for sponsors and fundraising ideas, so if you have any ideas let us know.

  • January 11, 2012 9:14 PM | Anonymous
    Hello MHSEF Families,

    Last week we were very busy with either racing or race planning and missed sending out a followup for this great event.  This was a very important event for the team.  We raised over $7,000 in pledges which goes a long way in ensuring our program can continue to operate at the high level it does.  Some immediate impact resulting from the fundraiser:
    • We just purchased 2 new video cameras for training purposes.  Video is becoming a very important tool of our training approach for all levels and we are hoping to purchase more in the future.
    • We just purchased a brand new laptop for timing.  Ask anybody on the timing crew about how well received that upgrade was.....
    These funds are also used for our ongoing operations, coaching and program expenses.  As mentioned in the past, a % of our annual budget is dependent upon fundraising.  We will have 2 more fund raisers in 2012 which we will provide details later in the month.

    Participation was good across the board, over 70% of our racers were able to produce some pledges.  Next year we hope to see closer to 90%.  The J3's take top honors with 85% of them producing pledges and narrowly edged the J4's in amount raised, $1,923 for the J3's and $1,920 for the J4's.

    Please let us know your thoughts on how to improve the event:
    • Was it well organized?  How were the communications?
    •  Was the prize mix good?
    • What about the time of year?  Is this a good event to have during the holiday camp?  Should it be later in the season?
    Your feedback is important.

    Now the tough part, collecting all of those donations.  Each participant should have received their pledge sheet back at the end of the event, MHSEF kept a copy.  Please mail all of the donations to MHSEF by January 3, 2012.  The address is:

    Mt Hood Ski Education Foundation
    C/O Ski-a-thon
    PO Box 189
    Government Camp, OR  97028

    * Any checks should be made payable to Mt. Hood Ski Education Foundation

    If you do not remember what your pledges were and/or lost your sheet, please email and we can answer any questions you may have.  If you did not receive a thank you card, let us know and we can make some available at the lodge.

    As you can see we are already spending some of this money on important equipment to further enhance the kids training so it's really important that we receive the pledges that you submitted.


  • January 10, 2012 9:15 PM | Anonymous
    Hello Race Team,


    That was an awesome way to start the season.  Over 200 racers, lots of jitters from the kids and the parents, old Multopor lodge was buzzing in the morning.  To be expected, the flawless execution by MHRT volunteers put all those jitters to rest and we kicked off the race season with near perfection.   We heard over and over throughout the day how well organized and run this race was.  We couldn't have ordered up better weather, or asked for a better race course for the first timers or the experienced.   Some shout outs....  

    • Participation..... Wholly smokes, we were turning people away.  Thanks for the enthusiasm.  For those who didn't get an assignment, no worries, plenty of opportunities in the future.  (Jan 28-29, Feb 3-5, Feb 18-20).
    • New families.... way to step up.  I think close to 20% of our volunteers were newbies and many folks were introduced to new positions.  I heard from several about how great it was to participate and see the racers up close in the start, on the hill or in the finish.
    • Race Coordination and Shack Teams.....  Flawless!
    • Junior parents.... we had many folks who have Junior racers but not MHRT racers who put in a full day.  Thanks a ton and I think the MHRT parents will come through for the upcoming Junior events.
    • SkiBowl.... many teams are envious of our close relationship and collaboration.  The area really came through and did a great job prepping the hill and giving us on hill support during the race (and those dogs were tasty).  When you see John Vermaas and Gerald give them a thumbs up.
    • Coaches.... Not to shabby 33% of the hardware went to MHRT.

    Don't forget about our next two events,  the Superbowl Slalom, last weekend in January and the 4-Way. The SBS is January 28th and 29th, it's our first Junior Race.  The 4Way is February 3,4 and 5 and definitely one of the best races of the year.  Get your kids on those XC skis so we can take some Mountain Meister awards.  Sign up sheets will be out this week.  Please or Patty with any questions.


    And our Athletes.....

    An extroardinary team performance by all and many stunning individual performances.  When the kids are able to compete in such a well executed event, they and the coaches are able to focus on their job at hand, which they did with cool, calm and collectedness.  All who participated had smiles and should be proud, that second course was tough.

    It was obvious during awards that MHRT performed well.  How well?  Using a simple scoring system where low score wins and counting the top 5 finishers (first place=1, second = 2 and so on... ) we did a little math.  Check out our performance for the categories where we fielded at least 5 athletes:


    J4 Boys

    Team domination!  We nearly picked up a perfect score with MHRT scoring an incredible 20 pts.  The other teams were a ways back with CSRT (68 pts), MAC (94 pts) and MRT (114 pts).  Luke Musgrave earned the top spot on the podium however the J4 crew is closely packed with, Zach, Conner, Yuta, Wesley, Luke G and Jakobe all placing in the top 10.  Ten of the top 20 athletes were MHRT boys.  


    J5 Boys

    The 9/10 year olds may not be as deep but weren't going to be outdone by those older kids with a team score of 19, nearly a top 5 sweep, letting one CSRT kid into the mix.  Colton Musgrave took the top honors, closely followed by Gianni, Brandt, Zak and Ty.  The next closest team was CSRT at 59 and then MRT with 62 and MAC scoring 85. 


    J4 Girls

    Our girls are a bit thinner (we need to find more girls!) and only had two J4 athletes competing.  Newcomer Kelby Richardson put in a fine performance for her first race and Teagan just missing the top 10 with an 11th place finish.  Our third J4 Natalie was out with an injury, we hope to have her racing soon.


    J5 Girls

    All those J6's from last year have made the transition and moved up with some force.  Our scorers landed in the top 11 only narrowly edged by MAC who scored 33 to our 39.  Abby earned 4th place, followed by exceptional performances by Fallon, Sayna, Cailin and Anna.  Great job girls, now you know what you need to do next time to earn that top spot.


    8 and Unders

    The boys just keep coming for us.....  Colin Hana took the top spot and he sure seems to like the podium.  We put 4 in the top 10 with Jackson, Alex and Levi all collecting some hardware.  As for the girls we only had 2 participants, with Brekan getting a 12th, her first ski race ever and Mackenzie going for a podium spot but having a little mishap on the bottom.


    J1's and 2's (FIS) @ Schweitzer

    Word from the road was that it was a tough course and a super hard surface but our results improved throughout the week culminating with some good move ups over the weekend.  Sometimes we forget about the road warriors as they are off in far away areas competing against some of the best juniors on the continent. (check out their results on live timing)  They returned home Sunday night around 1 AM and I'm sure bright eyed for school. 


    Again thanks to all.  A great way to start the season.

  • December 21, 2011 10:44 PM | Anonymous

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    Mt. Hood Race Team concluded the first month of winter training with another good weekend at Skibowl.  While the amount of snow coverage has been limited, the snow surface has been fantastic for early season skiing!  Mt. Hood Academy Juniors were away at races this weekend before the holidays.  Many racers competed in the Russ Read Memorial GS at Mt. Bachelor, and our FIS athletes raced in this year's first NW Cup Slalom races at Mission Ridge.  Now, it's time for a training break, and time to enjoy the holidays with family and friends.

    Next week’s holiday camp is a very busy and important time.  The primary focus is a training progression for all age groups; the final preparation before the busy racing season.  There are also several activities and meetings planned for the holiday.  Please see below for information.

    MHRT Training Camp – Dec 27th

    Mt. Hood Race Team Mitey Mites will begin their 4-day Holiday Camp on Tuesday, December 27th.  Training will begin each day at 9:00am, scheduled for Multorpor.  Look for another training update on the 26th for more specific training details and any change to the schedule or location.

    MHA Training Camp – Dec 27th

    Mt. Hood Academy Juniors will also begin their 5-day Holiday Camp on Tuesday, the 27th, with training scheduled for Multorpor beginning at 9:00am each day.  Training details and any change in the schedule or location will be sent out on the 26th.

    Learn to Race Holiday Camp – Dec 28th

    The 3-Day LTR Holiday Camp begins on Wednesday, Dec 28th and continues for three consecutive days.  On-line registration will remain open through Friday, Dec 23rd.  Families should meet the coaches the first morning at 9:30am at the Multorpor Lodge for a brief orientation meeting.  Spread the word to any young skier who may enjoy ski racing!

    MHRT Parents Meeting – Dec 28th

    After training on Wednesday the 28th, parents, coaches and board members will meet in the Multorpor Lodge for our annual Holiday Camp parents meeting.  This is a great opportunity to ask questions, share your experiences with other racing families, and learn more about the team and upcoming events.  Plan to meet at 2:45 in the Multorpor restaurant on the 2nd floor of the lodge.

    Ski-A-Thon – Dec 29th

    MHSEF’s 3rd Annual Ski-A-Thon is part of this year’s Holiday Camp.  The event will be held at Multorpor on Thursday, December 29th, from 9:00am to 11:30am.  The Ski-A-Thon is an important fund-raising event for our team and we hope everyone can participate.  It is also a lot of fun!  Racers will lap on Green Chair and ski several courses and other skiing challenges.  There will be music, snacks, event t-shirts and really cool prizes!

    Waxing/Tuning Clinic – Dec 30th

    MHSEF will host a ski tuning and waxing clinic for MHRT Mitey Mite parents and racers on Friday the 30th.  The clinic will cover important basic details necessary to prep skis prior to race-day, as well as final attention to skis at the race start. Selection of race waxes will also be discussed.  Be sure to bring a note pad and your questions to the clinic.  Meet at the Academy house at 3:00pm on the 30th.

    MHSEF Team Race – Dec 31st

    The annual MHSEF Team Race is scheduled for Saturday, December 31st.  Racers will be grouped in teams, mixing ages and gender.  Older racers will act as team captains and help coach younger teammates during inspection and at the start. Costumes are permitted!  The event will be a 2-run Giant Slalom on Mt. Hood Lane.  Registration / team selection will be at 8:00am in the Multorpor Lodge.  Inspection will start at 9:00am, and the race will begin around 10:00am.  The entire event should end by lunch-time with the presentation of team awards.

    Meadows WinterStart SL – Postponed

    The USSA Slalom race scheduled for Dec 31st and Jan 1st at Mt. Hood Meadows has been postponed due to lack of snow.  Hopefully, the event will be re-scheduled at a later date this season.  MHA Juniors may now participate in the Team Race on the 31st.  MHA athletes should check with their coaches regarding any other plans.


    Look for a final training update email on the 26th with final plans for holiday training.  Be sure to make a holiday wish for winter snow to fall soon!

    Happy Holidays!!

  • October 18, 2011 9:36 PM | Anonymous

    Hello Racing Families,


    Here is a quick update and reminder of upcoming events –


    MHSEF Fall Meeting and Team Potluck

    Sunday, October 23rd, at the Mt. Hood Lions Club, in Welches


    Doors will open at 2:30pm to set up equipment for the Ski Swap.  Please arrive with your equipment to swap by 3:00pm. Please be sure your ski swap equipment is labeled with your name and price.  All transactions are handled directly between buyer and seller.


    Program information will be presented around 4:00pm.  The potluck dinner will be ready at 5:00pm, followed by meetings with your coaches.


    Important change: Skibowl will not be available at the Fall Meeting in Welches to process season passes. However, the ticket office at Skibowl West will be open from 9:00am to 5:00pm on Sunday if you would like to pick up your passes anytime before the meeting.


    Dryland on Sunday the 23rd

    Dryland this Sunday will be in conjunction with the Fall Meeting.  Meet the coaches at the Welches Middle School soccer field behind the Lions Club at 1:00pm.  Be sure to check the weather and dress appropriately, and bring a change of clothes if necessary.  If the weather is really wet we will move under the school’s breezeway.  Dryland will finish around 2:30pm. 


    Team Registration

    If you have not yet registered your racer for the team, please plan to register at Sunday’s Fall Meeting.  It is important that we know early who will be participating this season on the team, allowing the coaches to better prepare for early season training.  If you cannot attend the Fall Meeting please register on-line at, or drop your registration in the mail.


    MHA Work Party

    Junior parents, it’s time to get the Academy House ready for the coming winter!  There are several small projects where we could use your help.  (Mitey Mite parents are welcome!)  Here’s the plan…


    Saturday, Oct 22nd, anytime after 9:00am

    Sunday, Oct 23rd anytime after 9:00am (same day as the potluck)


    Helpers can work as long as they are able; come for a few hours or for the whole day, whatever works best for you.  We have some painting and light repairs, the snow wall to install on the back porch, some beds to move, etc.  If you can bring some small tools - hammer, wrenches, screwdrivers – that would be great.  On Sunday we will wrap up around noon to give everyone time to move to the Fall Meeting.


    If you are available either day please RSVP to Bill,, so we are best prepared. 



    Winter is almost here!  Let’s get together this weekend.


  • October 07, 2011 10:25 AM | Anonymous

    Hi Racing Families,


    "White" rain drops fell today in Government Camp.  Can you believe it?  The seasons have turned, and they turned fast!  Here is an update for early October.


    PNSA Officials Clinic will be held in Portland this Sunday, the 9th.  We are looking for more parents to become certified alpine officials, especially from the Mitey Mite group of parents.  Certified officials are necessary for our team to host events, and these home court events are important to our young athletes.  Also, the clinic is a great way to learn more about the sport, enhancing your enjoyment of your child's skiing activity.


          As a thank you for your support with this important effort, MHSEF will reimburse the clinic registration fee to any parents who become certified, and will also reimburse new certified officials for their USSA officials license the first year.  Whether you intend to become a certified official, or just hope to learn more about alpine racing, check out this clinic.  Please go to for registration and more information.


    Team Dryland is moving back to Sandy for the next two weeks.  There are some complications at Mt. Hood Community College so we are going to use the Sandy High School track and field.  If coming from Portland, turn left (north) on Bluff Road, go past the high school and look for the field and parking lot on your left.  We will meet in front of the stadium.  If the weather is wet we will jog over to the Mt. Hood Athletic Club and use the gym.  Dryland will begin at 12:00noon.


          Dryland on Oct 23rd will be conducted in Welches, along with our team's Fall Meeting and Potluck.  Meet at the Welches Middle School field behind the Lions Club in Welches at 1:00pm.  See Fall Team Meeting for more information on the Fall Meeting and Potluck.


    USSA Athlete memberships are due!  October 15th is the deadline to renew your USSA membership without paying the $25 late fee.  All MHA juniors need to renew before the 15th.  Do not wait until the 15th since the USSA membership department will be swamped and your membership may not be processed.  Go to to renew or apply for a membership.  Click on "Membership Tools" to register on-line.  Be sure to provide medical insurance information, check the liability release, and new this year, be sure to check the concussion release. All are important for your membership to be processed on time.  New USSA members and Mitey Mites are not obligated to renew by the deadline, but please do not wait.


    Welcome Chris Grebisz as the new president of MHSEF.  At its September meeting, the board of directors of Mt. Hood Ski Education Foundation elected Chris as president of the organization.  Chris’ children, Isaac (J3) and Abby (J5) are active members of the race team, and his wife, Michele, is a very involved volunteer and has been the race administrator of our alpine events for many years.  Chris brings new energy and new ideas to the organization, and the directors are excited to have him at the helm.


          Out-going president, Malcolm Ash, has led the organization for the past five years, and has helped promote some of our team’s most successful seasons.  During this time, Malcolm has also been Chief of Race for our alpine events and has help recruit and develop key race personnel who continue to host outstanding events for our team, including the 2010 Buddy Werner Championships, and the annual Oregon 4-Way Championships and Junior Olympic Qualifiers.  Malcolm will continue to participate on the board as V.P., and continue to lead our events as Chief of Race. We thank him for all his service.

  • October 02, 2011 4:11 PM | Anonymous

    Hi everyone,

    Here is an update for September -

    Team Dryland continues on Sunday for the MHA Juniors.  We had a great turnout last week for the introduction to strength training.  Hopefully, most of you had the opportunity to incorporate some of the strength lifts into your school conditioning and sports programs.  We will continue with another session of strength training this Sunday.  Meet again at the Mt. Hood Athletic Club in Sandy at 12:30pm.

    Mt. Hood Race Team J4/J5 Mitey Mites will begin Dryland this Sunday the 25th.  We will perform exercises and drills appropriate for young athletes, and play some field games.  For this week, meet the coaches outside the Mt. Hood Athletic Club in Sandy by 12:30pm.  We will move over to the Sandy High School track for most of our session.  Be sure to wear workout clothes and running shoes, and bring a water bottle.  Watch the weather and dress accordingly.

    Dryland will continue on Sundays through October for Mitey Mites and Juniors.  Beginning on October 2nd all remaining dryland sessions will be at Mt. Hood Community College in Gresham.  We will meet each time at 12:00 noon at the college football stadium.

    Equipment Night at Hillcrest Ski and Sport in Gresham is scheduled for next Thursday, September 29th beginning at 5:00pm.  Come meet the reps from most of the ski racing companies.  Many of the coaches will also be on hand to help you and answer your questions.  This is a good opportunity to purchase race equipment at greatly reduced prices.

    The Mt Hood Alpine Racing Center in Parkdale will be holding its annual Equipment Day, 9:00am to 5:0pm, Saturday October 8th.  Company representatives from Head, Atomic, Blizzard, Tecnica, and Volkl will be on hand to assist with sizing and fitting of equipment.  As always, the Alpine Racing Center will offer race pricing throughout the season.  But for the best selection, earlier is always better.  Also, all remaining 2010-2011 Shred helmets and goggles will be 50% -70% off suggested retail!

    Be sure to check the website,, if you missed the September newsletter.  Also, check the website regularly for the latest team information and updates on team activities.

    See you at dryland!

  • September 12, 2011 10:36 PM | Anonymous
    Hi Ski Racing Families,


    Summer vacation is over, the kids have returned to school, and we are enjoying the warmest week of the summer season.  While the weather is great for bar-b-ques, picnics and summer outings, it’s strange to think about winter and ski racing!  But the snowy season will be here before we know it and there are upcoming activities to help you prepare.  Here is a quick list; more information will be available in the next couple weeks.


    Fusion Passes, the ski passes for unlimited skiing at Skibowl and Timberline, are now on sale.  Unless you earned an Elite Pass (Juniors can check at, this is the best deal for our racers and their families.  Go to to learn more and to order your passes.  Be sure to order your by November 7th before the price goes up, by almost $200!


    2012 Team Information and registration for Mt. Hood Race Team and Mt. Hood Academy will be emailed to families and available on-line by early October.  Be sure to register early so the coaches know who to expect for this coming season.  Also, be sure to log on to and update your family profile so you are receiving all the latest news and team updates.


    Team Dryland will begin on Sunday, September 18th for MHA Juniors (all J3s and older).  We know many of you are involved in Fall sports, (and that’s great!) but we still want to see you at dryland.  On the 18th, meet at the Mt. Hood Athletic Club in Sandy by 12:30pm.  Athletes will participate in a specialized “strength training for ski racing” session with Karen McCadam (who some of you know from CSRT); Karen is an experienced strength & conditioning coach.  The session should be done around 2:30.  The following Sunday, September 25th, we are finalizing plans with a different guest for another session at Mt. Hood Athletic Club.  (The total fee for these two sessions is $30.)  Please RSVP if you plan to attend so we can properly plan with the athletic club.


                Team dryland for J4/J5 Mitey Mites will begin the following Sunday, September 25th.  This first dryland for MM’s will be at the Sandy High School track, so that we can coordinate with the session for Juniors.  After that (beginning Oct 2), all regular dryland sessions for Mitey Mites and Juniors will meet at 12 noon each Sunday at Mt. Hood Community College’s football field.  Please watch your email and the website; if any changes need to be made they will be announced in those formats.  We’ll also make announcements at the prior week’s dryland.


    Boot Fit Night at Hillcrest Ski and Sport will be Wednesday, September 21st, from 5:00pm to 7:00pm.  Remember, your boots are the most important item of equipment you own, and they need to flex and fit properly.  This session is for those racers who already have their boots for this coming season and need to have them checked for fit and adjustment.  This is generally not necessary for young racers under 10 years.  Important: you will not be able to purchase or order new equipment on this night, but you will be able to have new boots adjusted at the Equipment Night.  See below...


    Racer Equipment Night, Thursday, September 29, at Hillcrest Ski and Sport in Gresham: Company representatives from the major suppliers of competition equipment will be on hand to discuss product, size equipment and place orders at the best possible prices for our young athletes.  Check out equipment from Atomic, Rossignol, Tecnica, Blizzard, Dynastar, Lange, Marker, Volkl, Nordica and Fischer, for both Junior and Mitey Mite racers.  Come join your coaches at Hillcrest, between 5:00 and 9:00pm, to get answers to your equipment needs.


    The PNSA Officials Clinic is scheduled for October 9th in Portland.    This clinic is a great opportunity for parents interested in learning more about ski racing, or getting more involved in their child’s sport.  Our team always needs more parents certified as officials, and we encourage you to become a certified official, however, you are welcome to attend the clinic solely for your own education and sport knowledge.  Go to to learn more about the clinic.


    MHSEF Team Meeting and Potluck:  Our Fall team meeting and potluck is scheduled for Sunday, October 23rd.  Please put this date on your calendar.  This is an important meeting to learn about season plans, training and racing calendars, and to meet with the coaches.  The team meeting also includes an equipment swap where outgrown equipment can be passed on to younger racers.  The event begins at 3:00pm.  Location and more details will be available early in October via email and at



    That’s all for now!  Enjoy the great weather.  It sounds like September will be a warm, dry month.
  • March 17, 2011 5:13 PM | Anonymous
    Hi MHRT Families,


    On Saturday MHRT is hosting the final Mitey Mite race of the season.  The Spring Festival includes a 1-run Kombi in the morning, and a 2-run Dual GS in the afternoon.  The Kombi will include tighter GS and SL sections all in one course, so the coaches recommend SL skis.  Older racers will also want GS skis for the afternoon dual.


    The races will take place on Dog Leg and Lower Bowl, with access from the Lower Bowl chair.  Registration and check-in will be in the Outback Lodge (Skibowl West) beginning at 7:30am.  Lifts open at 8:00am.  Racers should look for the coaches at the start of the Kombi by 8:30am.


    Many of our families are away this week on vacation, and we are missing several of our key race-day volunteers.  Please offer to help if you are at the event.  There are several times when you can volunteer; Friday night, race morning, and during the event.  If you can provide some help at any time please contact Patty Lodmell.  Anyone available Friday night should meet Bill at the Academy around 7:00pm.  Race worker tickets and thank-you vouchers will be available at Registration; however, there will be no worker lunches.  Please bring a sack lunch.


    The Mitey Mite Spring Festival concludes the regular season for Mt. Hood Race Team.  To those of you away this weekend we wish you a wonderful spring, and we’ll see you soon.  And to those racing on Saturday we wish you good luck!  Be sure to mark your calendar for the annual Awards Party, April 23rd, and the May Day during the weekend of the 30th.  More info to follow.

  • March 17, 2011 5:08 PM | Anonymous
    Congratulations to the Mt. Hood Race Team for their performance at the 2011 Buddy Werner Championships

    Team Overall Results
    Boys team - 2nd Place
    Girls team - 9th Place
    Combined - 7th Place

    Top Individual Overall Results
    Nathan Gunesch 2nd Place
    Luke Musgrave 7th Place
    Oriana Galasso 7th Place
    Ashley Lodmel 10th Place

    all results
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