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J3 JO Qualifier #2

  • February 14, 2009
  • February 16, 2009
  • Skibowl, Government Camp OR


(depends on selected options)

Base fee:
  • $5 online registration fee

There is a $5 fee for online registration. Feel free to enter the best email address for a confirmation message instead of the racer's email when prompted.

Race announcement

SG1 Women
     SG1 Men

SG2 Women     SG2 Men
SG3 Women    
SG3 Men
SL2 Women      SL2 Men

Mt. Hood Skibowl, Oregon, USA

Friday     2/13/09   Freeskiing on race hill  Reynolds Run
Saturday 2/14/09   Training Run/Super G   Reynolds Run
Sunday   2/15/09   Super G/Super G         Reynolds Run
Monday   2/16/09   Slalom                      Challenger

Only PNSA J3 age athletes are eligible to compete (yob ’94 & ’95).  Entry fees are $35 for each Super G race, $34 for Slalom.   The total event entry is $139. All athletes must have a current USSA Competitors License.  Go to for licensing information.

Registration for the entire event is available online, Click "register" on this page.  Payment for the entire event is accepted on-line, or send the entry fee check, USSA entry form along with the required Skibowl Release form to the address below. Athletes who are not competing in all races must enter by mail. 

All entries must mail-in the Skibowl Release,if a Release has not yet been submitted for this season.  Mail Release forms, and if necessary, entry froms and entry payment to:

MHSEF Race Secretary
Gresham, OR 97030
P: 503-708-0377       F: 503-296-5314
email MHSEF Race Secretary

Entries must be received by noon Tuesday February 10th.  A list of competitors will be posted at on Wednesday February 11th by 6:00 PM.  All corrections and cancellations must be received by the end of the day Thursday February 12th.  No entries will be accept on day of the race.

The first Team Captain’s meeting will be held at Mt. Hood Academy in Government Camp on Friday February 13th at 7:00pm.  All teams and competitors must be represented.  TC meetings for Sunday’s and Monday’s competitions will be each morning at registration.

During the Super G competition, Race Headquarters will be located in the Outback Lodge at Skibowl West from 7:00am –8:30am.  For the Slalom competition Race Headquarters will be located in the Multorpor Lodge at Ski Bowl East. Pick up start lists, results and any unclaimed awards at Race Headquarters during these hours.   At all other times Race Headquarters will be at Mt. Hood Academy in Government Camp.

$36.00 lift tickets will be available each day at the area ticket windows on the West Side, and at the ticket booth in the parking lot on the East side. Coaches who are on the PNSA coaches list may pick up tickets at TC meetings. Elite Passes will be honored and will be issued daily at the ticket window.

Bibs will be issued at the first Team Captain's meetings. Racers will keep the same bib for the first two days (3 Super G races), and turn in bibs at the scoreboard after Sunday's final race. Bibs will be re-issued Monday at registration for the Slalom competition. Again, turn in bibs at the scoreboard upon completion of the SL race. Racers will be charged $50.00 for missing bibs.

Awards will be presented to the first 5 places.

Friday, 2/13/09 – Reynolds Run at Skibowl West
9:00–9:30am Race Hill Inspection/Coach's meeting on hill
No fast free-skiing at this time.**
9:30–11:30am   Organized free-skiing on the race hill
**Coaches will help spot the hill**
7:00pm  Team Captain's meeting at Mt. Hood Academy

Saturday, 2/14/09 – Reynolds Run at Skibowl West
7:00–8:30am Race Headquarters – Outback Lodge
7:30am Lifts open for athletes
8:00-8:45am Training Inspection
9:30am Training Run – Women
10:45am Training Run – Men
12:00–12:45pm Race Inspection
IMPORTANT:Inspect behind the re-dress
1:30pm SG Race #1 – Women
2:45pm SG Race #1 – Men
Awards – Outback Lodge, 30 minutes after the race

EM>Sunday, 2/15/09 – Reynolds Run at Skibowl West
7:00–8:30am Race Headquarters – Outback Lodge
7:15 Captains Meeting
7:30am Lifts open for athletes
8:00-8:45 Race Inspection
9:30am SG Race #2 – Women
10:45am SG Race #2 – Men
12:00–12:45pm Race Inspection
IMPORTANT: Inspect behind the re-dress
1:30pm SG Race #3 – Women
2:45pm SG Race #3 – Men
Awards – Outback Lodge, 30 minutes after the race.

Monday, 2/16/09 – Challenger at Skibowl East(Multorpor)
7:30 – 8:30am Race Headquarters – Multorpor Lodge
8:00am Team Captains Meeting
8:15am Lifts open for athletes
8:30 – 9:00am Run #1 Inspection – Women
9:30am SL Run #1 – Women
9:45 – 10:15am Run #1 Inspection – Men
10:45am SL Run #1 – Men
11:30 - 12:00pm Run #2 Inspection – Women
12:30pm SL Run #2 – Women
12:45 – 1:15pm Run #2 Inspection – Men
1:45pm SL Run #2 – Men
Awards – Multorpor Lodge, 30 minutes after the race.

Collins Lake Resort Call 503-272-3051 for reservations.

OTHER INFORMATION:Check back at this web sitefurther event information.

Oregon Snow Park Permits are required for vehicles parking at Mt. Hood ski areas.

Due to snow removal, overnight RV parking in Mt. Hood Skibowl parking lots is not allowed. RV parking is allowed at Skibowl East between the access road gate and the parking lot. A free shuttle bus runs between Skibowl East and West on a regular basis.

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